Business Premium

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Complete Web Directory Services
- Subdomain page (www.yourcompanyname-c.cégböngésző.hu)
- User interface with 5 menu options
- 50 Mb webspace
- On-line editing and updating
- Translation into German and English
- Statistics

Listing in Business Directory
Be listed on our website CEGBONGESZO.HU to display your basic data and up to 12 services, 12 products and 12 brands. Once these entries are retrieved, the following information will be seen in Hungarian, German and English:
* Your company name
* Your address
* Your phone number
* Your fax number
* Your e-mail address
* Your website's URL
* Your trading status
* Your activities/services
* Your products
* Your brands
* Your company profile

Search Engine Marketing
Take advantage of assigning keywords to your company name, services, products and brands so that they will be listed in the largest Hungarian and international search engines in the following languages:
- Hungarian
- English
- German

Registration & Editing
This package is available for one year. During this time, we can edit your entries anytime, if requested.

Editing Your Entries Online
Sign in and update your entries on your own!

News, Special Offer, About Us
Feel free to update your site by uploading 6 pictures and texts: 600 characters in section "About Us" and 200 characters in "News, Special Offer, Discounts". Please note, that these sections are translated neither into English nor German). If this service is active, you will be notified by a lower grey stripe.

Animated Banner Advertisement
We provide you with a banner ad placed on the lower right side of the results page and with keywords for 2 services, 2 products and 2 brands. The banner ad is designed by us, the White Page Kft. The advertisement surface includes your company name and your main activity.
Linking: by clicking on your animated banner, your Cégböngésző subdomain page comes up. Your banner also comes up when searching for a part of a word, a term or an exact word. By default, the first couple of keywords for service/product/brand are marked as keywords that you can freely edit or change after your registration. On the Admin Surface, you can check the number of clicks on your banner ad at any time.

Company Information Service
If you are unable to find the information you need on our website, we will send you the Certificate of Incorporation of any company registered in Hungary (of max. 7 companies at a time, and max. 7 companies a month).

Gross annual fee: 82,226 HUF
Search the database
Any partial matches
Word prefixes only
As a phrase, in one block